Posted by: puppypowwow1 | March 8, 2010

Tigey The Texas Dog

Sleepy on the Stoop

Name: Tigey

Gender: Girl

Age: Human years 7 1/2  (dog years ) 49-1/2

Owner(s): Paul and Katie

Interview Location: Dean Street

Home: Dean Street

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Favorite Food: Raw Chicken

Favorite Food to Steal: Anything

Favorite Activity: Running in the park

Activity That’s Just Okay:  Swimming

Not Okay: Fetching

Bad Habit: Nipping

Favorite Spot for Naps: Stoop

Paul and Tigey

Favorite Hiding Place: Second floor landing

Best Moment: When they found her and she stuck her head into their car

Scariest Moment: Ran into the street as a puppy

Interesting Fact: She whistles

How Did You Find Your Dog?: When visiting Texas they found her at a gas station (in a town with the least amount of people in the  U.S.)

Interview Location: Dean Street

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