Posted by: puppypowwow1 | February 23, 2010

The Princess Of Dean Street

Name: Rose

Gender: Girl

Age: Human years 8  (dog years )56

Owner(s): Alison, Donovan, and Ian

Interview Location: Dean St

Home: Dean St

Breed: Mutt

Favorite Food: Broccoli

Favorite Food to Steal: None

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Activity That’s Just Okay: Dog Park

Not Okay: Baths

Bad Habit: Barking at other dogs

Favorite Spot for Naps: Under the coffee table

Favorite Hiding Place: Under the bed

Best Moment: Didn’t care when baby Ian pulled her fur

Scariest Moment: Ran away

Interesting Fact: Has a floating rib

How Did You Find Your Dog? New York City Dog Pound


  1. I might be a little biased, but that is a CUTE dog!

  2. What a sweet looking girl. My 4 year old loves her eyes.

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