Posted by: puppypowwow1 | August 29, 2009

Pucca the Marina Dog



Name: Pucca

Gender: Girl

Age: 7 human years (49 dog years)

From: Found as a rescue

Owner: Collin

Home: O’Hara’s Marina, Salisbury, Ct

Pucca's Home

Pucca's Home

Breed: Red Australian cattle dog

Favorite food: Any Kind of cheese

Favorite Food to Steal: Pizza because of the cheese and bread

Favorite Activity: Boating

Activity that’s Just Okay: Swimming

Not Okay: Disturbing her when she is sleeping

Bad Habit: Eating bees

Favorite Spot for Naps: In the shop under the picnic table

Favorite Spot for Naps

Favorite Spot for Naps


  1. hello I like your blog.

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