Posted by: puppypowwow1 | August 20, 2010

Meet Sheena, Dog of the Jungle

Name:  Sheena

Gender: Girl

Age: 2 Human years  14 (dog years )

Owner(s): Ian and Ella

Interview Location: Caves Branch Resort, Caves Branch, Belize

Home: Caves Branch Resort, Caves Branch, Belize

Breed: Rottweiler Mastiff mutt

Favorite Food: Apples

Favorite Food to Steal: Meat

Favorite Activity: Exploring the jungle and river(s)

Activity That’s Just Okay: Climbing mountain/hill with owners to check antennas

Not Okay: Receiving a bath after chasing a skunk

Bad Habit: Chews on people

Favorite Spot for Naps: Middle of the floor where guests of the resort eat

Favorite Hiding Place: Under the cabanas

Best Moment: Seeing her play with other dog who lives in the resort

Scariest Moment: See a wild boar chase after her

Ian, Shantee and Sheena

Interesting Fact: When she lies down she sticks part of body in a small place then collapses. Sheena is pup of step mother Shantee who is owned by Sheena’s owner.

How Did You Find Your Dog? Talked to a friend

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