Labradors We Love

Names: Clive and Otis

Gender: Male

Age: 4 in human years/28 in dog years

Owners: Beth and Jack

Interview Location: Home on Route 41 in Salisbury, CT

Home: Salisbury, CT and Florida

Breed: American Field Labrador

Favorite Food: Liver treats and peanut butter

Favorite Food to Steal: Chocolate M&Ms but steak is the ideal

Favorite Activity:
Clive: diving
Otis: hanging out

Activity That’s Just Okay:
Clive: Walking on a trial with a leash
Otis: Swimming

Not Okay: Being separated from his brother

Bad Habit:
Clive: Digging
Otis: overly aggressive to strangers

Favorite Spot for Naps:
Clive: floor by the bed
Otis: back of the car

Favorite Hiding Place:
Clive: under the pool table
Otis: Under the holly bushes

Best Moment:
Clive: first time he dove in the water
Otis: A friend said he will do something noble

Scariest Moment:
Clive: As a youngster he pulled Beth down some stone steps
Otis: Chased something into the woods at night

Interesting Fact:
Clive: Dives
Otis: Howls along to music. Very keen nose

How Did You Find Your Dogs?
Traveling across country and stopped in Iowa. Wanted to get one dog but end up with two.

Posted by: puppypowwow1 | August 20, 2010

Meet Sheena, Dog of the Jungle

Name:  Sheena

Gender: Girl

Age: 2 Human years  14 (dog years )

Owner(s): Ian and Ella

Interview Location: Caves Branch Resort, Caves Branch, Belize

Home: Caves Branch Resort, Caves Branch, Belize

Breed: Rottweiler Mastiff mutt

Favorite Food: Apples

Favorite Food to Steal: Meat

Favorite Activity: Exploring the jungle and river(s)

Activity That’s Just Okay: Climbing mountain/hill with owners to check antennas

Not Okay: Receiving a bath after chasing a skunk

Bad Habit: Chews on people

Favorite Spot for Naps: Middle of the floor where guests of the resort eat

Favorite Hiding Place: Under the cabanas

Best Moment: Seeing her play with other dog who lives in the resort

Scariest Moment: See a wild boar chase after her

Ian, Shantee and Sheena

Interesting Fact: When she lies down she sticks part of body in a small place then collapses. Sheena is pup of step mother Shantee who is owned by Sheena’s owner.

How Did You Find Your Dog? Talked to a friend

Posted by: puppypowwow1 | August 6, 2010

Commodore Pup Pup: 203lbs of Fun

Name: Commodore Pup Pup

Gender: Male

Age: 7 Human years 49  (dog years )

Owners: Vincent and Betty Ann

Interview Location: Great Barrington, MA

Home: Perth, NY

Breed: Newfoundland Gray

Favorite Food: Liver and pizza

Peaches and Cream

Favorite Activity: Loves to swim and take bath. Spending times with Peaches and Cream

Activity That’s Just Okay: Likes to play “wolf”

Not Okay: Getting toenails cut and teeth brushed

Favorite Spot for Naps: Kitchen or bathtub

Favorite Hiding Place: Can’t hide much

Best Moment:  When she came home

Interesting Fact: Therapy dog good with autistic children

How Did You Find Your Dog? Found through a friend in Connecticut.

Commodore Pup Pup, Vincent and new friend

Posted by: puppypowwow1 | March 8, 2010

Tigey The Texas Dog

Sleepy on the Stoop

Name: Tigey

Gender: Girl

Age: Human years 7 1/2  (dog years ) 49-1/2

Owner(s): Paul and Katie

Interview Location: Dean Street

Home: Dean Street

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Favorite Food: Raw Chicken

Favorite Food to Steal: Anything

Favorite Activity: Running in the park

Activity That’s Just Okay:  Swimming

Not Okay: Fetching

Bad Habit: Nipping

Favorite Spot for Naps: Stoop

Paul and Tigey

Favorite Hiding Place: Second floor landing

Best Moment: When they found her and she stuck her head into their car

Scariest Moment: Ran into the street as a puppy

Interesting Fact: She whistles

How Did You Find Your Dog?: When visiting Texas they found her at a gas station (in a town with the least amount of people in the  U.S.)

Interview Location: Dean Street

Posted by: puppypowwow1 | February 23, 2010

The Princess Of Dean Street

Name: Rose

Gender: Girl

Age: Human years 8  (dog years )56

Owner(s): Alison, Donovan, and Ian

Interview Location: Dean St

Home: Dean St

Breed: Mutt

Favorite Food: Broccoli

Favorite Food to Steal: None

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Activity That’s Just Okay: Dog Park

Not Okay: Baths

Bad Habit: Barking at other dogs

Favorite Spot for Naps: Under the coffee table

Favorite Hiding Place: Under the bed

Best Moment: Didn’t care when baby Ian pulled her fur

Scariest Moment: Ran away

Interesting Fact: Has a floating rib

How Did You Find Your Dog? New York City Dog Pound

Posted by: puppypowwow1 | February 23, 2010

Turbo, the Lightning Dog

Name: Turbo Woofington

Gender: Boy

Age: Human years 8 (dog years 56)

Owner(s): Alison, Donovan, and Ian

Interview Location: Dean St

Home: Dean St

Breed: Pit Bull

Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite Food to Steal: Steak

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Activity That’s Just Okay: Dog Park

Not Okay: Rain

Bad Habit: Chewing String

Favorite Spot for Naps: In Front of the Window

Favorite Hiding Place: Bathroom

Best Moment: Won First Place as Best Kisser and Third Place for Cutest Butt

Scariest Moment: Almost Been Stolen

Interesting Fact: Has 6 toes on his back paws and has a lightning bolt mark on his forehead like Harry Potter.

How Did You Find Your Dog?

Posted by: puppypowwow1 | October 13, 2009

Brooklyn’s Bargain Boomer

Cutie with a bandana

Cutie with a bandana

Name: Boomer

Gender: Boy

Age: 2 human years (14 dog years)

Owner: Jessie & Marnia

Boomer and Human Friends.JPG

Interview Location: Court Street between Pacific and Dean, Brooklyn

Home: Cobble Hill

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier aka Parson Russell Terrier

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Paws (For dogs) From Trader Joe’s

Favorite Food to Steal: Anything

Favorite Activity: Eating socks

Activity That’s Just Okay: Listening

Not Okay: Baths

Bad Habit: Licking tooth brushes

Favorite Spot for Naps: Top of couch cushions

Favorite Hiding Place: Under bed

Interesting Fact: Crooked bottom teeth

How Did You Find Your Dog? Adopted from crazy dog lady

Scariest Moment: Chocolate chip cookie

"I LOVE my chew toy!!!!"

"I LOVE my chew toy!!!!"

Best Moment: Boomer dressed in a pig Halloween costume

For more information: Jack Russell

Posted by: puppypowwow1 | September 8, 2009

Chesty Goes Camping

Chesty the German Shepard

Chesty the German Shepard

Name: Chesty

Gender: Boy

Age: 8 human years; 56 dog years

Owner: Chris and Cathy

Interview Location: Savoy Mountain State Forest, Massachussets

Home: Massachusetts

Breed: German Shepard

Favorite Food: Kibble

Favorite Food to Steal: None

Favorite Activity: Running after tennis balls

Activity That’s Just Okay: Walking on a leash

Not Okay: Bath

Chesty's Friend Winnie

Chesty's Friend Winnie

Favorite Spot for Naps: Next to the owner’s bed

Favorite Hiding Place: Next to the bed

Interesting Fact: Named after a famous Marine general, Chesty Puller

How Did You Find Your Dog? Breeder

Scariest Moment: Hurt knee while chasing his tennis ball

Best Moment: Swimming with him

For more information click here

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Maggie the Soccer Dog

Maggie and her precious soccer ball

Maggie and her precious soccer ball

Name: Maggie

Gender: Girl

Age: 5 years (human) 35 years (dog)

Owner: Allen and Robin Cockerline

Allen Cockerline and Maggie

Allen Cockerline and Maggie

Home: Whippoorwill Farm, Lakeville, CT

Breed: Border Collie

Favorite Food: Raw meat (beef heart and liver)

Favorite Food To Steal: Apple pie

Favorite Activity: Soccer

Maggie playing soccer.JPG Maggie playing soccer.JPG

Activity That’s Just Okay:  Bath

Maggie taking a bath

Maggie taking a bath

Not okay: Getting brushed

Bad Habit: Barking while owners are swimming

Favorite Place for Naps: Under car in shade

Favorite Hiding Place: Under a bush

How Did You Find Your Dog: Farm in Falls Village, CT

Scariest Moment: Missing for two hours

Best Moment: When Allen and Robin got Maggie

Interesting Facts: Traded Maggie as puppy for steak.  Maggie climbed Barrack Mountain using her nose to roll a soccer ball all the way up the trail with a bunch of kids.


Posted by: puppypowwow1 | August 29, 2009

Pucca the Marina Dog



Name: Pucca

Gender: Girl

Age: 7 human years (49 dog years)

From: Found as a rescue

Owner: Collin

Home: O’Hara’s Marina, Salisbury, Ct

Pucca's Home

Pucca's Home

Breed: Red Australian cattle dog

Favorite food: Any Kind of cheese

Favorite Food to Steal: Pizza because of the cheese and bread

Favorite Activity: Boating

Activity that’s Just Okay: Swimming

Not Okay: Disturbing her when she is sleeping

Bad Habit: Eating bees

Favorite Spot for Naps: In the shop under the picnic table

Favorite Spot for Naps

Favorite Spot for Naps



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